Cosmic Rays DNA Activations (englisches Skript)

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Eine Energie von Ramòn Martìnez Lòpez

Auszug aus dem Skript:
An intelligent force is guiding the evolution of life throughout the universe which brings us another step closer to the divine source of our existence within the cosmos.
Cosmic rays have an effect on the structure our DNA, though it can store light.
Life exists and has the ability to form all throughout the universe.
Our evolution is influenced by cosmic rays carrying encoded information from our Sun and cosmic rays.
- It increases the amounts of light in your body
- Balance your electromagnetic field
- Helps to repair dna disorders
- It has and anti ageing effect-
- It Super charges your genetic code with light
- It Clears space using the activations.
1 Ferneinweihung
1 Ferneinweihung
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