The knights of Agartha empowerments "Shamballa, Lebenskontinuum, Selbstheilung" (englisches Skript)

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Eine Energie von Ràmon Martìnez López

Auszug aus dem Skript:
The capital of Agartha is Shamballa. Other cities include Shangri-la, Telos, Mikos, Catharia, Petiti, and Mt. Shasta. At least one entranceway near the North Pole is now beginning to show up on undoctored Google Earth photos. 
Agarthan cities are spread around … or rather, inside … the globe. Petiti lies under the Amazon jungle; Catharia, under the Aegean Sea; and Mt. Shasta, under the Nevada desert. 
An Agarthan communicator named “Mikos” describes his life in Catharia, deeper than the bottom of the Aegean, off Greece’s mainland. 
Here there is peace and comfort and abundance and great wealth of health and body and spirit. 
It was created with Light technology, which turned the Inner Earth into a paradise. When we enter it, we apparently first notice the gentler, diffuse glow of Earth's Central Sun. 
Mother Earth's geomagnetic, geoelectric, and gravitational fields interlink to form the life-giving essence that is truly her heart and soul. This living entity is the sacred vehicle we now inhabit. 
The knights of Agartha teach us about, sustainability, continuum of life and self healing and more. 
Adama is known as a light being of fifth dimension of the city of Telos. 
Uraneus is the interdimensional energy for the omniversal energies of the earth, dwelling beyond earth planet. It has a turquoise and gold color. 
You are attuned to the energy and wisdom of these masters. 
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