Attunements and Empowerments to Lemurian Angels™ (englisches Skript)

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Eine Energie von Ràmon Martìnez Lòpez

Auszug aus dem Skript:
Lemuria was an ancient civilization which existed previous to and during the time of Atlantis. Physically, it is believed that Lemuria 
existed largely in the Southern Pacific, between North America and Asia/Australia. Lemuria is also sometimes referred to as Mu, or the 
Motherland (of Mu). At its climax of civilization, the Lemurian people were both highly evolved and very spiritual.
This was a culture that existed in the area that is now the Pacific Ocean. It was a tropical, femininely based, village society. It had 
central places where there were groups of clairvoyant seers, oracles and holy people did healing and sound work. This was a non-power 
oriented society. 
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