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Eine Energie von Ramòn Martìnez Lòpez

Auszug aus dem Skript:
Characteristics of these energies:
During the next year we are adjusting to the new coming energies, or new arising of the gold-blue-purple-white ray of light-love information coming.
We are going to experience the continuation of duality. ` In the latter, though for a brief while, the sense of identity would be totally dissolved, like a vessel of water in a well, due to the new electromagnetic field of the earth. Secondly, when such merger occurs, the peace, the bliss and the upsurge of love would continue even after one comes out of the experience. The thought force itself would be very minimal even when one is back to functioning with identity.
Your soul is becoming easier to perceive, and feelings that have not risen to the surface yet, cannot be held back anymore. Your mind may still try to understand and direct this, but your soul will be stronger.
Sometimes repressed feelings can be painful, but when they rise to the surface they are healed through The New Prosonodo Lights. This leads you into the deeper love for yourself and gives you peace. “The New Prosonodo Light” is spreading over the whole planet. Even if there may be painful processes, The Prosonodo Light brings a significant renovation. Through the raising of the earth energies the energy of omnipotence is brought into the duality more. This means that you can feel your divine core deeper than ever before. Through this powers are released in you that permit you to create your life just as is right for you.
The transmission of various energies depending on your requests can:
• bring you healing on all levels 
• cleanse your entire system 
• remove, dissolve, melt everything that does not serve you 
• help you to incorporate what really is part of you.
The energies transmitted are always the ones that serve your highest good. Consequently adults, children and also animals can profit from such transmissions. The energies can be directed across any distance as well so that anybody.
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