New Prosonodo Stars Attunements "Erlösung" "englisches Skript"

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Eine Energie von Ramòn Martìnez Lòpez

Auszug aus dem Skript:
 It seemed to be the point in the sky that was the point of cosmic creation, but also the place of bereavement. It is the place where the soul would return to in remembrance.
Why was this so important? because this was the position on the Milky Way where the Milky Way splits into two, like forks into two (branches) to create what is known as the Dark cleft, the back memories of the unloved soul.
“If you start looking into the religious ideas of cultures and indigenous civilizations, you’ll find that the star Deneb, Cygnus constellation, in the Milky Way’s Dark aperture was seen as a point of entry and exit into the sky world. It was seen as this is where the souls came from and this is where the souls return to in death. It is the turning point into wholeness.
The golden-blue frequency and many other frequencies, the proclaimers trust and that trust is described as the star of Bethlehem. In reality it is theProsonodo light.
This Prosonodo Light is the living Christ and the cosmic meridians of energy of life.
To follow this Prosonodo light star. 
So it came about that many kinds of frequencies, with many People went on their uniqueness way to witness the birth of Christ within. Reborned into spirit, and guided by higher forces of light.
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