Ultraviolet full spectrum Light "regeneriert die Kundalini-Energie" (englisches Skript)

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Eine Energie von Ràmon Martìnez Lòpez

Auszug aus dem Skript:
Ultraviolet light lighten up the energy out of the spectrum of rainbow well known light and bound it. 
It opens and shows us the awakening of full unity consciousness that is invisible to white spiritual light. Ultraviolet light is the Unity of all light, And it gives power to your light being in a manner never felt before. 
It regenerates the kundalini energy powerfully Ultraviolet is a full spectrum with its many excellent properties. 
Ultraviolet is the keeper of timelessness, unlimited, expansive, and connective. 
It is the frequency spectrum completion to enter into a new frequency domain. 
It sets healthy boundaries.
And groundings. 
One of The most important functions is healing and regeneration. Its energies also promotes connection. It cleanses and protects from negative energies in and out of your body. 
You can set the vision of a new consciousness and may your dreams come true. 
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